Applying for another loan with Uploan

Here in Uploan, we allow you to apply for refinance or reloan.

Refinance is when you apply for another loan while you still have an active loan with us and you’re nearly completed paying it off. While Reloan applies to when you’re completely done paying your first loan with us.

Here’s how you can easily apply for refinancing and reloan:

Through the Borrower Dashboard:

  • Log in to your Borrower Dashboard on our website.
  • Once you’re eligible, a ‘Refinance Loan’ and ‘Apply for a New Loan’ button will appear on your dashboard. Just click it and simply submit your 2 latest payslips.
  • Wait for a confirmation when your application is approved.


Through notification:

Just wait for a notification from us, because once you’re eligible, our loan officers will be the ones to call and assist you with refinancing or reloan.

The best part about refinancing and reloan, it allows you to get lower interest rates and longer repayment terms. This would also help you improve your credit score.

It will be much easier and faster for you when you apply for your next loan with us, whether it is for medical expenses or tuition fees because your interest goes lower and your credit score gets better!

You may also watch this short video on Uploan’s refinancing and reloan.