Knowledge Base

A step-by-step guide: How to apply for a salary loan

Uploan helps you stay ahead of your financial setbacks by providing fast, easy, and affordable salary loans. Read more to find out how to apply.

Navigating through your Uploan Borrower Dashboard

Uploan Borrower Dashboard is where you can view all your loan information when you apply for a loan with us. Read more to learn how to navigate through your dashboard.

Receiving your funds and repaying your loan

Once you have received approval for your loan application, next step is the disbursement of your funds and how will you repay your loan. Read more to find out the answers.

Applying for another loan with Uploan

Here in Uploan, we allow you to apply for another loan through refinancing or reloan. Read more to find out how.

How Uploan helps you improve your financial wellness

One of our goals here in uploan is to help improve your financial wellness. Read more to find out how we make it happen.

How Uploan assigns interest rates on your loan

When you apply for a loan with us, you will have different interest rates with other borrowers whether you have the same loan amount and term. Read more to learn how we assign interest rate on your loan.