Top 10 Podcasts to Elevate your HR Playbook

Top 10 Podcast Channels for HR Leaders

As an HR leader, it is more likely to find yourself on a knife’s edge: mention the pressure and time constraints of your job, acquiring new strategies could become unfeasible.

While improving and gaining new perspectives are crucial in order to stay on top of the industry trends, how can you juggle upskilling without sacrificing a part of your work?

A podcast crash course can become a good investment. Besides it’s totally free, it also offers a wide variety of timely, high-caliber, and bite-sized HR information to upgrade your playbook. The best advice is to listen to it during lunchtime or when commuting back home.

But what podcast channels should you exactly be listening to? Don’t worry, we have curated and prepared this top ten list exclusively for your HR consumption. It’s time to put your headsets on!

1. DriveThru HR

Hosts Mike Van Dervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Milley Lay shed light on different HR core issues in this 30-minute lunchtime discourse. 

Described as engaging but often disrespectful, DriveThru HR sweeps through handy episodes, such as how authentic storytelling affects candidates and ageism in the workplace.

Its episode entitled Talking Gender Equity with Pamela Culpepper aspires every leader to promote a women-friendly workplace by creating equal access to opportunities for women—be it in resources, advancements, and acquiring senior roles in the organizations.

2. Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work by Management 3.0 zooms into what it takes to build a productive and happy workplace.

Host Sam Mednick features thought leaders and influencers across industries every Friday to delve into a range of insightful topics, such as the role of humor during the trying times and even to the facets of employee burnout.

In What’s the right formula for happiness at work? episode, guest Michael Gale mentions three factors to consider in nurturing a sustainable and positive workplace environment. 

3. Hiring on All Cylinder

If you are looking for a recruitment-centric podcast, Hiring on All Cylinder navigates you into the many angles of talent acquisition. From the quality of hire to handling candidate objection and even to the grisly reality of job ghosting.

Host Rob Stevenson with guests Amina Moinuddin and Loni Spratt, gives a sprightly take on how to pull off a rejection call with “grace and plum” in The Break Up Call

The episode also highlights how giving feedback to unsuccessful candidates is much more constructive than the traditional ‘templated’ rejection email.

4. Honest HR

Honest HR, as its name suggests, plunges into the harsh and complicated reality of the workplace. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the one behind the idea of the podcast.

In Generations in the Workplace episode, former host Callie Zipple with guest Alexis Fiocchi, SHRM-SCP, debunks the one-size-fits-all tradition and elucidates on how leaders can take advantage of the age diversity in the workplace. 

Moreover, what’s also great about this podcast is that it now comes with SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP recertification PDCs through its qualifying miniseries.

5. HR Happy Hour

The HR Happy Hour show explores different HR-related issues and topics with its hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane. It was hailed as one of the longest-running podcasts since 2009.

In Episode 383, the guest Tim State tackles why employers need to promote high levels of well-being among their employees. He also emphasized four dimensions to which leaders can mold their cultural approach to foster a more engaged and productive workforce.

6. People at Work

Perhaps one of those hidden gem podcasts, People at Work by Jostle gives leaders a series of practical guides from their pool of guest experts. 

Besides its clever episodes, the hosts Bev Attfield and Dustin Tysick engage the listeners in a chatter-free, straight-to-the-point discourse as they dig on the common workplace issues. 

In Olga Fleming’s secret sauce for employee engagement episode, the guest shared the four vital ingredients proven to increase retention among employees. A must-listen!

7. Talking Talent with PeopleScout

Talking Talent with PeopleScout is an audio series that covers a broad swath of issues related to talent acquisition and workforce management. 

Host Nicole Fuqua interviews Kathryn Minshew of The Muse in its episode entitled Recruiting and Retaining the Next-Gen Workforce. The two discuss how a veritable employer branding plays a pivotal role when it comes to attracting Generation Z talents.

The podcast also currently features pertinent discourse about leading through the pandemic in its COVID-19 miniseries.

8. The Culture Ops 

Perhaps one of those unorthodox podcasts, The Culture Ops is specifically focused on cultural lenses in the workplace. 

In How to look after your team’s morale, when we’re all struggling episode, the show host Ben Branson-Gately talks with Sam Clarke about preventing employees’ morale from subsiding in the age of crisis. 

9. Workplace Innovator

Workplace Innovator offers a vibrant discourse on how to embrace technology and talent to drive innovations and employee productivity in the workplace. Each episode is condensed into a 20-minute discussion hosted by Mike Petrusky.

Episode 27 features the workplace strategy of Nasdaq with its head, Steve Todd. The guest shared how Nasdaq was able to create a productive workspace by conducting a survey among its employees. This is to understand their needs before developing strategic plans for a specific business outcome. 

10. The Level Up!

The Level Up! Podcast is a weekly podcast developed by Uploan. It delves into the minutia of the most common concerns of every Filipino employee along with practical tips from the experts in people management. 

Join Jenn Simons, our Adviser Relations Lead at Uploan, in this lively, engaging discourse about navigating your career, upgrading your money mindset, and creating the right habits to finally level up in life! Subscribe to our podcast here.

In today’s tight market competition and rapidly evolving workplace, learning new strategies is pivotal for an HR professional—and it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming! With the plenitude of resources online such as webinars, online courses, and podcasts, one can learn on-the-go anytime, anywhere.